ICBMC 2019

The conference will be held at the Royal Thalassa Hotel*****. Skanes-Monastir

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Symposium 1: Fibers, Particles board, Composites, papers
Symposium 2 : Nanofibers, nanopaparticles and nanocomposites
Symposium 3 : Encapsulation, self assembled materials and system delivery
Symposium 4 :Biosourced monomers and Biopolymers:Synthesis,properties and application
Symposium 5: Rheology, Bioprocess and modeling

Important date

Conference on: Mars 17, 18, 19 & 20, 2019
The deadline for submission of abstracts will be extended in january 15, 2019 "only for poster session"
Notification of acceptance: january 31, 2019

Biocomposites: Bioinspired and biomimetic
Aerogels, Hydrogels, gel
Interpenetrate networks (IPN)
BioNanocomposites and nanohybrids
Stimuli responsive materials
Biobased Materials for energy
Biobased Materials for biomedical application
Rheology of Natural Polymers
Processing of Biobased composites
Interface and Surface design
Characterization and fractionation of biomass
Pulp and Paper
Degradation and Stabilization of Natural Polymers
Use of waste for biobased materials
Recycling of biobased materials
Emulsions, foams
Colloidal systems
Fibres based composites
Thin film and coating